1. They choose to be happy. 
Their train was delayed by 20 minutes today? So what? Someone accidentally spilled coffee all over their brand new sneakers? So what? A coworker was rude to them at the office? So what? A mentally strong person understands that they are incapable of controlling other people’s actions. Thus, they always choose to be happy because that is the only thing one can control in life.

2. They are not people pleasers.
They are not afraid to say no when someone oversteps their boundaries. They won’t feel pressured to attend an event that they are not interested in. They know to put themselves first before others.

3. They reflect often or at the end of the day. 
A mentally strong person is not perfect. They may have lost their temper, a day ago at their partners. They may harbor feelings of inadequacy or jealousy towards a fellow coworker. What matters is that they take time to question their behavior and emotions. Through self-reflection, one is able to identify the issue at heart and tackle them with creative solutions.

4. They tackle the difficult tasks first. 
A mentally strong person understands that human character is developed under pressure and difficult scenarios. One cannot be in a constant state of ignorance forever. Eventually, all these tasks will catch up to you, so address them quickly!

5. They listen to their bodies. 
A healthy body equals a strong mind. There is no “one size fits all” diet for everyone, everybody’s bodies are different. Some people can indulge in fast food once a week without bowel complications whilst some people function better on a vegan diet.

6.They don’t multitask. 
If you won’t do something right, don’t do it at all. Multitasking forces unnecessary stress and delay whilst completing the most mundane of tasks