1. The Adjumani case that had a questionable source frequently goes to Elegu, a border point between Uganda and South Sudan.
  2. Eight of the cases are temperatures have dropped and are improving. One (1) still has high temperature
  3. ALL Public transport for passenger movement has been suspended for 14days and these include taxis, Costa’s, minibusses, buses, passenger trains, bodabodas, tukutukus (tri-cycles).
  4. In regard to passenger movement, private vehicles are still allowed to move on the road but SHALL NOT BE ALLOWED to carry more than three (3) people including the driver.
  5. Lorries, trucks, delivery vans, pickups, bodabodas, tukutukus, minibuses will be allowed to move ONLY when delivering cargo, food and essential commodities and not passengers.
  6. Ambulances, Security forces, some government vehicles carrying out essential duties and garbage trucks will also be allowed to move.
  7. Markets will remain open, however, ONLY for foodstuffs like matooke, sweet potatoes, cassava, beans, peas, gnuts, beef, chicken ,fruits, vegetable, etc.
  8. Trading in non- food items like clothes, shoes, mobile phones etc has been suspended for 14days.
  9. Government offices have been advised to work out a list of essential personnel that must remain on duty
  10. 10.District administration has also been advised to mobilize bodaboda riders who can deliver cargo and foodstuff thereby reducing human movement and shared means of transport.
  11. Supermarkets might have to control customer traffic load within the premises and look into possibilities of utilizing motorbike service delivery systems to clients and thus reduce human traffic in these collections
  12. Companies are going to be identified for Kampala that will conduct the “bodaboda” delivery service of goods and essential commodities to requested delivery points.
  13. All non-security government vehicles in the district should be placed at the district HQ under the command of the District Health Office so as to facilitate effective and timely collection of samples for suspected cases within their districts.

May God continue to protect you all.

#stayathome, #donttouchface, #washhands, #stay4mtrsaway