Skills for the Hospitality Sector

The Hospitality Industry and Tourism are major drivers behind the economic development of most African countries providing employment, investment and foreign exchange.

However, in spite of the good intentions of investors and business owners, the level of service and the quality of delivery can be rated average to poor, except for some high-end establishments.

Hospitality is an exciting and multifaceted industry that offers a variety of career opportunities in food and beverages, travel and tourism, lodging, leisure and recreation. Hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines etc are places where jobs are readily available.

However, hospitality is an industry that demands professionalism, communication skills, problem-solving, dedication to customer satisfaction, and passion.

ROUTE’s Hospitality Skills Programs will provide the participants with good practical skills.

• Restaurant Service
• Food Safety and Hygiene
• Assistant Cook
• Front Office management
• Housekeeping
• Marketing and Sales
• Financial Management
• Professionalism
• Communication Skills
• Problem-solving skills
• Skills for managing personal money

Wheatear looking to start or accelerate a profession in the Hospitality Industry or planning to establish or revamp a hospitality business (micro, medium or mega), our Skilling Program will provide the fundamental tools for success.

The program consists of stand-alone modules delivered through distance training, online E-learning and safe physical training. The trainers are international professionals with many years of experience in the Deluxe Hospitality Sector.


Learners will:
• Acquire a level of professionalism that will make them stand out from the competition
• Develop competencies as employees to improve their performance
• Reduce the learning time when starting in new jobs on appointment, transfer or promotion, and ensure that they become fully competent as quickly and economically as possible.
• Be able to grow within their respective organization
• Be more competitive in the job market and more productive at work
• Be better positioned to start and succeed at a hospitality business of their own should they wish to start one as either their main source of income or their side hassle
• Be better positioned to build their resume – Although they don`t sit exams or take tests when they complete a particular module, they get a certificate of completion which they can show to potential employers

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