Skills for Starting & Building a Business

In two modules on Business skills we cover the steps and skills for starting and managing as well as the factors and skills for making your business succeed, particularly those that enable (1) business owners to meet the needs of both their customers/clients and employees, (2) employees become more productive and advance with their business careers.

A high level of business skills in business owners and employees enables the businesses to:

  •  Maintain high product quality
  •  Build excellent customer relations and customer care standards
  •  Increase performance, productivity and profits through efficient planning, management and implementation of business aims and goals
  •  Form a sound financial base and maintain a prudent financial policy
  •  Maintain a positive and productive company culture
  •  Motivate employees to perform at their best
  •  Establish profitable sales and marketing channels

Learning business skills is important for;

Ø Anyone who is contemplating starting a business or already has a business and wants it to grow.

  • Those considering a career in commerce, advertising, market research, media, event management, or any careers that involve buying or selling of goods or services
  •  Anyone in a job or a self-employment where they need to sell and promote a product, service, commodity or goods
  •  Anyone in a job or self-employment that requires networking and creating business relationships
  •  Anyone needing to transmit the quality and usefulness of their service, product, commodity or goods to potential customers

Ø Anyone already in business and wants to build a solid foundation for success

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