Skills for Managing Relationships

Relationships are formed in all stages of life. They are important because they affect us in several ways. At our workplaces, we form and build relationships with our peers and supervisors. These collegial relationships have a bearing on how we work, our productivity and the satisfaction we get from what we do. However, many workers fail to manage these relationships properly and they end up being toxic. This permeates throughout the organization and results in persistent squabbles, conflicts and even outright physical confrontation, if not addressed appropriately. The consequences are bitterness, dissatisfaction, low moral and productivity at the individual and organizational level. Hence, it is important to workers and management of an organization to learn how to effectively manage relationships at work.

This module gives you the skills to do this. It helps you understand what collegial relationships are, their purpose, why they are important, the benefits of harmonious relationships and consequences of toxic relationships to the individual workers and to the organization and what forms these relationships take. It equips you with the techniques of averting and managing conflicts at the workplace and how to build a conducive atmosphere for work so that workers thrive and give their best. It also gives you diagnostic tools on how to determine the status of the relationships at your workplace. This module is ideal for all workers, especially those at supervisory (or managerial) levels and those who own businesses.

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