Skills for healthy living

We are living in a very dynamic and inter-connected world. Along with the advantages of globalization come its attendant challenges; increased pollution of all forms, more consumption of fast/processed foods, sedentary lifestyles, upsurge in the use of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. These coupled with the fast-paced, ‘modern’ lifestyles have caused an increase in stress and stress-related conditions, a rise in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) as well as Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the populace of most African Countries.

The adverse health conditions brought about by the afore-mentioned conditions cut across all categories of people. However, the most affected are young adults, as most are not taught in the formal education system how to live healthy lifestyles. They are often plunged into depths of ‘life’ without any prior preparation on how to make healthy lifestyle choices. The consequences of this are realized later and sometimes continue into adulthood, when reversal is too late.

As the saying goes, ’Health is Wealth’. This module introduces you to the concept of health and its elements. It gives you an understanding of what healthy living means, its importance and benefits to the individual, the organization in they work and to the society. It will expose the challenges associated with living healthy and ways of overcoming them. It will show you the consequences of not living healthy. You will get detailed tips on how to live healthy in different aspects and bad health practices to avoid. Getting started is the most important aspect of every journey.

Therefore, the module ends by giving you simple tips on how to start your journey on healthy living. The module is beneficial to all young adults regardless of education level and adults of all stages of life because it is never too early or too late to start living a healthy lifestyle. Register for this module and learn these important life-transforming skills.

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