Practicing Professionalism at work

Professionalism is one of the most misunderstood and over described term in modern times. Although we often hear how vital it is to behave “professionally”, we go on with our own interpretation of the expected perception. Being a professional is often associated with certain disciplines (such as doctors, lawyers, engineers) and equated to wearing a coat and tie, possessing a college degree and/or having a noted title.

However, it means much more than all this, true professionals have characteristics that can be applied to virtually any type of discipline, business or job. A waiter, carpenter, mechanic or salesperson can demonstrate high levels of professionalism. Hence, regardless of what your profession is, you can and should practice professionalism.

This module tells equips you with these skills. It gives an in-depth explanation about what it means to be a professional, how important is it to be a professional, the benefits to workers and organizations, what practicing professionalism entails, the golden rules that guide its practice, what the obstacles to professionalism are and how they can be overcome. It concludes by exposing learners to how they can start practicing professionalism and making specific personal commitments towards this in their respective workplaces.

If put into practice, skills learned from this module will make you more committed, efficient and effective at work and differentiate you from other workers by earning you positive recognition, and eventually see you climbing the career ladder.

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