Navigating Power and Gender Relationship

Power is a fundamental force in life. For as long as people have formed groups, relationships have been structure by hierarchy, dominance, status and control.

Power permeates all aspects of our social interactions at home with our family and loved ones, at institutions of learning with educators and fellow learners, at work with our superiors, co-workers and clients, and in the community with other community members. Indeed, many of the problems we struggle with in all aspects of our lives, the issues that make life difficult and painful, are problems related to power being used poorly.

The effect of power on your life will depend on who is using it, how, with what aim it is being used, and how you respond or react.

Gender is very closely related to power. Gender divides Power. Inequalities between men and women are one of the most persistent patterns in the distribution of power. Gender relations are power relations.

To navigate means to travel on a desired course after planning a route, to find your way carefully, overcoming difficulties.

This module will provide you with the skills you need to find your way in power and gender relationships in a careful and planned manner, identifying and overcoming difficulties and challenges.

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