Planning for retirement

Final separation from any employer, institution or organization is an important life phase. While all employees desire to retire comfortably, the complexity, planning and time required in building a successful exit plan can make the whole process seem difficult.

Conscious planning is therefore imperative in order to take proactive steps towards achieving a reasonable level of activity, comfortability, quality and meaningful life at this significant milestone.

The training will be packaged to assist and support employees to prepare for a qualitative, active and fulfilling life after work.

Participants will;

  • Understand and appreciate the pension regimes in their countries
  • Plan for a qualitative and active life after formal employment
  • Build confidence to look forward with assurance to retirement as a new, inevitable and promising phase of life
  • Identify available opportunities in the investment/ business environment
  • A brief exposure to the fundamentals of generating business ideas, preparing business plans, setting up and managing one’s own business (we offer a full course on How to start and manage a business)
  • Manage their health to increase longevity

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