Tactics for Succeeding at a Job Interview

Organizations have different processes of hiring employees. Each has a preferred way to get information from potential employees in order to make a hiring decision. An interview is considered the most effective way of soliciting information from potential employees and assessing their capabilities to do the job at hand. It is bridges the gap between the job seeker and the potential job. Hence, it is very important to prepare sufficiently for the interview so as to succeed in it and secure your dream job.

This module is a complete guide that will give you extensive tactics to succeed in a job interview. It gives you comprehensive exposure to the entire interviewing process starting with a theoretical underpinning of relevant terms, myths (and realities) about job interviews, phases of the interviewing process to prepare for (and what and how to prepare for them), follow-up tips after the interview, common mistakes made in interviewing, the kinds of questions to anticipate and it ends with a practice session. At the end of the module, you should be adequately skilled and confident to participate in any interview and succeed in it.

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