In a world where confidence is running on a low, we as ROUTE – Skilling Young Adults ought to boost youths.

How can I build confidence in myself?

When you lie to someone you are telling yourself that they are more important than you. Every time you lie you lose respect for yourself because you are telling yourself that you don’t stand for anything. Remember, sometimes keeping quiet when you want to say something is also a lie.

2) Give Yourself “Authority”
Isn’t it funny how when someone else tells you “You are the leader” it’s easy to be confident and decisive, but when no one tells you that you are the leader, it’s a lot harder?

That’s because we don’t have authority over ourselves. We wait for someone else to give us permission to be confident. Give yourself permission to be confident, and permission to look stupid, and you will find yourself being a lot more confident of an individual moving forward.

3) Say “No” More
Pretty self explanatory, but if you feel obligated to do something but you don’t have an obligation to do it, start saying no. Treating your time as if its valuable, is treating yourself like you are valuable. Confident people say no, have boundaries, and are comfortable with the awkward silence that follows from not giving someone something that they asked for.

4) Construct a Strong Inner Frame.
Inner frame is your perception of yourself. It is the role that you believe you are supposed to play. Your inner frame is the most important frame because it governs your social instincts. Without a strong inner frame, your life will be dictated by the whims of others.”

5) Interpret Everything As a Compliment
A guy at my gym walked across the gym to call me “ugly”, I interpreted as “Wow, that guy thought I was so hot he walked all the way across the gym to neg me”. The quicker you can start interpreting all behaviour around you compliments, the more socially free you will feel in every situation.