Courtship and Marriage

Relationships are very important in life. They are different types of relationships formed at various stages of life. One of the most important forms of relationships is the romantic relationship because it can make or break an individual depending on why, how and when they were formed and their eventual quality.

It starts with dating, progresses to courtship and ultimately to marriage, if both partners find they are compatible. Despite its importance, most young adults are not taught or prepared for what it takes to start, nurture, build and sustain a healthy and enjoyable romantic relationship. In most cases, preparations tend to be for ladies intending to get married and these are hastily done a few days before the wedding with a focus on sexual aspect of the relationship. The preparation is not only done too late but very insufficient (to say the least) for a life-time relationship. And more often than not, the men are completely unprepared. This ill-preparedness in getting into romantic relationships has led to their pre-mature breakdown.

This has physical, emotional and financial consequences not only to the partners but to their families, friends and society. The key to averting all this anguish is to learn the skills and basic principles in relating romantically. This module equips you with these. It is a comprehensive guide on courtship and marriage.

It starts by giving you an in-depth understanding of what these concepts mean, what purpose they are intended to achieve, for whom and when. It then gives you a step-by-step approach on how to nurture and build a courtship relationship and ultimately transit it into an enjoyable and lasting marriage relationship. It expounds on rules for success and common mistakes in courtship and marriage. The training is very interactive and experiential sharing is encouraged.

All young adults from the ages of 18 years, regardless of if they are in a romantic relationship or not, are eligible and encouraged to register for the training. The earlier one prepares for and acquires skills in handling these relationships, the better.

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