A leader is expected to organize the work of people that he/she leads in order to achieve set goals. 

Whether they are running Government or private offices, institutions, organizations, agencies companies or businesses, individuals in leadership need communication skills, among other soft skills, to carry out their roles effectively and efficiently. While hard skills in leadership (such as strategic planning, economic analysis and so on) are important in implementing the function, effective communication skills form the basis of successful leadership at the workplace.

A leader is expected to organize the work of people that he/she leads in order to achieve set goals. Their main functions are to establish direction and align people towards this and to motivate and inspire them. Leadership is a process of influence, a series of interactions which occur between leaders and subordinates. To perform these functions successfully, a leader has to relay information about the company`s culture, core values and mission, clearly communicate the plan of action, delegate tasks, manage meetings, give messages that build trust and encourage teamwork, appraise the work of staff and provide feedback, and most importantly, be a good listener. All these are essential aspects of communication skills which every leader must (strive to) possess to carry out their roles successfully. Further, workplaces typically include people from different ethnic groups and backgrounds, who have different views and values. The leader must communicate in a manner that is sensitive and appropriate to these differences.

Therefore, leaders must be cognizant of the essential role communication skills play in their success or failure and by extension, that of their agencies. Having a team with good communication skills accelerates the path to overall success of the agency. Regardless of one’s level of competence in communication skills, there is always room for learning and improving. Access these learnable skills to improve your collegial and other relationships, increase your productivity and possibly, get the promotion you have always wanted.

Author – Dr. Jane Kengeya – Kayondo