Call for Applications from Students in the East African Community (EAC) to pursue KFW funded Masters Scholarships

Opening date: 5th July 2019
Closing date: 1st August 2019, 17:00 hours,
East Africa Time

Thematic areas: 1) Mathematics, 2) Engineering, 3) Informatics, 4) Science, 5) Technology and 6) Business Science

Eligible applicants: EAC students with qualifications in the above thematic areas.

Duration of Scholarship: 2 years

  1. Background
    The EAC Scholarship Programme is an initiative by the East African Community (EAC), the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) and German Development Bank-KFW. The project began in 2018 when the EAC and IUCEA entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with KFW geared towards the training of students within the EAC region. This Project aims at creating future change agents, who identify themselves with the integration agenda of the EAC and are willing to share economic and development-oriented expert knowledge. The goal of this initiative is to contribute towards training leaders that will foster EAC regional integration.

    This goal will be partly achieved through the establishment of academic collaboration and an exchange programme between universities/Institutions within the EAC region, by encouraging students to study in countries other than their own. In order to achieve these impacts, the project offers a comprehensive package including scholarships for masters programmes, internships, mentoring, networking events and further leadership training activities.

    The scholarship will support masters students in Mathematics, Engineering, Informatics, Science, Technology and Business Science programmes. The programme will include a minimum of 30 percent of females students in order to support women’s participation and enhance gender equality. IUCEA hereby invites applications from students who are citizens of the East African Community (EAC) Partner States to apply for the KFW funded Masters Scholarships

  1. Objective
    The objective of the programme is to train masters scholars who will serve as change agents for regional economic development and integration in the EAC.

  1. Design
    The project offers financial support to academically skilled and disadvantaged masters students with the main focus on priority programmes. Women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to join the programme. Masters students shall be given a fixed amount of money to cover living as well as costs for teaching and research materials. The students shall be required to apply to study in an EAC Partner State other than their own.

    At the universities/Institutions, mentors will be selected in order to support the students during the time of study and research. With the help of integrated internships, and extra-curricular activities, practical learning will be ensured through the universities and public-private partnerships undertakings. IUCEA will support the universities or Institutions in the selection of the mentors and facilitation of the internships during the implementation of masters programmes.

    The financial cooperation arrangement shall finance the first three cohorts of approximately 157 masters students over their full study time of 2 years. After the first cohort has completed the studies, an independent evaluation of the level of attainment of the objectives of the project will be carried out, with the desirable impact being assessed.

    The students will take part in extracurricular events at a minimum of one event-visit per year per student. These could be networking events with representatives from political and socio-economic spheres, whereby training on regional integration topics and other subjects based seminars are organized.

    4. Available programmes
    The following are the programmes eligible for the scholarship programme. Applicants must apply to study in an EAC Partner State other than their country of citizenship

5. Selection Criteria
The following criteria are mandatory. Students should:
a) Be citizens of a partner state of the East African Community;
b) Possess the required academic qualifications for admission to the programme
c) Submit a well-written motivation letter in English elaborating on the following:
-Motivation for wanting to pursue a Masters Programme chosen in section 2 above
– Foreseen professional engagement in the EAC Integration agenda after completing the Masters
-Expect application of the acquired skills and knowledge from the Masters Programme to contribute the EAC Integration Agenda
– Personal professional and academic vision in the next 5 to 10 years
Note: Please note that all the above should be covered in one letter of not more than 500 words
d) Be below 35 years of age
e) Have applied to study in an EAC Partner State other than their country of citizenship

6. Application process
Applications will be submitted through the following process and steps:

  1. Identify the programme and University of your choice
  2. Fill the application form for admission to the university (available from the
    university, visit their website for more details)
  3. Fill an application form for the scholarship (available on the IUCEA website at
  4. Append the supporting documentation for the admission as per university
    requirements and for the scholarship as per section 7 below;
  5. Submit both application forms electronically to the University and copy to the
    following email addresses:
    Note: Where universities have online application system, please send the scholarship application form to the specified email addresses

7. Supporting Documents
Please submit the following supporting documents together with the application forms
a. Signed curriculum vitae
b. Certified copies of all university degree certificates. Please combine into one file. If necessary,
you may zip the file to make it smaller for uploading.
c. Certified copies of all university transcripts. Please combine into one file. If necessary, you may
zip the file to make it smaller for uploading.
d. If applicable, an official letter confirming release from your employer. The letter must be on
e. Recent passport photograph in colour of your full head and upper shoulders.
f. Evidence of citizenship of a Partner State in the East African Community such as a copy of national identity card/ passport/birth certificate;
g. A well-written motivation letter in English showing the relevance of the intended programme of study to the EAC integration and development agenda

Please note the following:
a. A student may apply to more than one University.
b. It is highly recommended that you submit your application well before the closing date for applications, especially if you commonly experience slow Internet speeds or frequent Internet outages.
c. Kindly reduce the sizes of your files as much as possible to make them easier to upload.
d. Preferably all files including scanned ones should be saved and uploaded in pdf format
e. The maximum size for any complete application is 25 MB.

The deadline for receiving applications is 1st August 2019, not later than 17:00 hours East Africa Time.