• Personal Management Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Living with Purpose

  • Problem-Solving Skills

  • Customer Care

Over fifty percent of Africa`s young men and women fail to turn their knowledge, technical and professional skills, talents and experiences into career progress, effective employment, lucrative businesses and fulfilling lives. One major reason is that while they have these hard skills, they lack the soft skills necessary for finding work, retaining jobs, starting successful micro, small or medium sized businesses, surpassing life’s dilemmas, and taking advantage of available opportunities.

Rounding Up the Edges (ROUTE) International Ltd is the leading not-for-profit “One-Stop-Provider” company empowering Young Adults in Africa with soft skills for Employability, Business and Life.

Through our Skilling Young Adults program, we offer in-person and web-based training, support and mentoring to 18 to 30 year olds in colleges, universities, companies, businesses, youth clubs, Rotaract clubs, sports clubs, religious youth clubs and any other types of community groups. We embrace young adults of all educational, religious, political and professional backgrounds.

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ROUTE has the power to positively change your life by providing you with soft skills for employability, business and life.

ROUTE`s skilling program will help you land a job, improve your productivity, earn a promotion, start and grow your business, and acquire the soft skills you can use in your everyday life

Every certificate you get for each skill will boost your cv.

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Skilling Young Adults with Soft Skills for Employability, Business & Life.

One-on-One Training

(Online or In-person)


Face to Face

(ROUTE training Center or a place of your convenience)



(Online – Self-paced learning)


Distance Group training via Zoom


OUR Skilling Program


Our Skilling Program is based on a modular curriculum approach offering learners an opportunity to select and focus on modules with the skills they want to learn. Emphasis is on acquisition and practice of skills rather than on marks and grades. We offer certificates of completion for each module, not merit-based certificates.

Skills that help you land a job
  • Finding and making sense of Job Adverts

  • Writing a compelling CV
  • Writing a Cover Letter
  • Tactics for succeeding at a job interview

Skills to improve your productivity and earn a promotion

  • Practicing Professionalism at work
  • Rules and etiquette of work
  • Problem-solving skills at work
  • Skills for managing relationships at work
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Career Progression
  • Presentation Skills
  • Research Skills

Skills to help you start and/or grow your business

Skills you can use in your everyday life

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What People are Saying (Testimonials)

We are on a continuous journey of helping people reach their full potential with our services. You too can be part of this exciting journey towards success.

Meet Naasir, a second year student of Nkumba University.
Meeting ROUTE completely changed Naasir’s life. Through our skilling program and mentoring he was able to write an outstanding CV, excel in a job interview and secure a job.

“Courtesy of the two trainings I received from ROUTE in, “How to Write a Compelling CV” and “Tactics for Succeeding at a Job Interview”, I applied for a job and passed the interview. I now have a part-time job. I’m indebted to ROUTE for the skills I acquired. I will definitely come for more skills”.

(Follow along with Naasir’s progress at

“I was extremely shy at making oral presentations in class and even talking to my lecturers. Plus, my written communication was poor. All this changed after a training in ROUTE on,” Communication Skills”. The training was practical and interactive, the trainer was professional yet, sensitive to our needs. The delivery was also fun. I have learned to speak confidently and my writing skills have greatly improved. – Ruth, first year student, Nkumba University, Entebbe

“The training modules ROUTE provides in Employability, Business and Life Skills are very unique. They are a wholistic package that equips students with essential soft skills required for the contemporary job market, business world and dynamic demands of life. These skills perfectly complement the technical skills offered by the University. I wish all our students could attend these trainings. I highly recommend them.”Administrator, Kyambogo University, Entebbe

“Being a medical practitioner, I thought I had all it takes to practice my profession, until I received a training on, “Professionalism”. It changed the conduct of my practice. There are so many things I thought didn’t matter which actually do, and they matter a lot. I now realize that one can practice a profession without practicing professionalism. I’m now skilled for both and feel that the progression of my career is on course. Thanks to ROUTE for the training and to our Faculty for organizing it.”Dr. Caleb, Makerere School of Public Health

“The training on, “How to Write a Compelling CV” was extremely insightful. It was an eyeopener. I kept wondering why I wasn’t being invited for interviews despite writing so many CVs. Now I understand why. I’m confident that the next CV I write will get me to the interview room. The timing of the training was spot-on.” Juliet, Final year student, Kyambogo University, Kampala

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